1. Wolfie falls asleep to the sound of his “auntie” Raya’s singing on #Outlander

  2. Going to be smart and styling. (at Carbon Five LA)

  3. Role-playing an (un)#balancedteam designing an bowel movement tracker and reminder named Logger.

  4. Ms @thinknow laying down the law on what’s #balancedTeam (at Fandango Reward Programs)

  5. Ready to dungeon crawl in style. #dungeonsanddragons

  6. #unboxing @daskeyboard look Ma, no characters! (at Carbon Five LA)

  7. New deck #daskeyboard #unboxing (at Carbon Five LA)

  8. Caught him in a private moment.

  9. samlicker87:

    This is still my favorite comic ever

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  10. I loved Nancy Drew.

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