1. #starwars always (at EightyTwo)

  2. Of course we fight for the users (at EightyTwo)

  3. Finally made it to @eightytwola (at EightyTwo)

  4. We’ve got an #Oculus dev kit at tonight’s @carbonfive #hacknight. Come on by. (at Carbon Five LA)

  5. ladimcbeth:

    uuuuuggggghhhhh I want an owl friend

    He’s a wizard, Harry. Also, of interest to caseymckinnon

    (Source: poyzn)

  6. Sweet! My @heart_machine #hyperlightdrifter plushie arrived! Got 7/25! (at Carbon Five LA)

  7. About to live my 80s dream and make a robot friend. Hey lil guy. (at Carbon Five LA)

  8. Repost: Thanks to @meltdowncomics for the gift! Apparently I share a birthday week with #Hellboy (at Meltdown Comics)

  9. You guys, I found Carl. #walkingdead (at GameStop)

  10. The clear winner of my informal, unscientific poll was #Skyrim. Happy b-day to me.