1. Time to wait for the donuts.

  2. #latergram of my @DunkinDonuts #SantaMonica adventure. If you can call a 2h wait an adventure. (at Dunkin Donuts Santa Monica)

  3. After 2 hours in line, @DunkinDonuts #SantaMonica achievement unlocked (at Dunkin Donuts Santa Monica)


  4. Best video game console system Emulator #iOS app (non jail broken) is …?

  5. Tonight’s reading

  6. Today’s #tabletop lunch game was #BossMonster (at Carbon Five)

  7. Cuddling with favorite companion … cube.

  8. This week’s @carbonfive outing; @ghostbustersofficial #30thAnniversary (at Cinemark 18 & XD)


  9. Listening to Your Love by The Outfield

    Thought this was The Police for the longest time. – Preview it on Path.


  10. Listening to Blood Dragon Theme (Reprise) by Jarome Harmsworth & Joel Harmsworth

    The perfect 80s theme song that never was. – Preview it on Path.