1. #unboxing @daskeyboard look Ma, no characters! (at Carbon Five LA)

  2. New deck #daskeyboard #unboxing (at Carbon Five LA)

  3. Caught him in a private moment.

  4. samlicker87:

    This is still my favorite comic ever

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  5. I loved Nancy Drew.

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  6. Dig in there, buddy. #catsofinstagram

  7. Roof beerin’ to end the week. (at Carbon Five LA)

  8. Love encouraging girls’ interest in #STEM. Got a sold out #Lego Research Institute to give away. (at Carbon Five LA)

  9. For those inquiring about The makeup of Death Coffee.

  10. Experimenting in making Death Coffee, based on @warrenellis & @templesmith’s Fell. (at Carbon Five LA)