1. "What does God need with a starship?" Our new 60" makes us actually like #StarTrek #TheFinalFrontier

  2. magpieandwhale:

    Production DesignBlade Runner (1982)

    by Lawrence G. Paull

    I’ve still never seen this movie, which I consider a damn shame.

    My favorite movie of all time.

    (via jaybushman)

  3. Cyberpunkin’

  4. Fell asleep w/ one of his fav toys.

  5. Great Scott! @cpreksta and I think alike … Actually not that surprising.

  6. Trying out some new apps.

  7. It tastes of power and responsibility … and guilt. Lots of guilt. (at Baskin-Robbins)

  8. Thinking of starting a #hacker “morning show” podcast called this. (at Carbon Five LA)

  9. Closest thing to #swordfish (at Carbon Five LA)

  10. My first @getpebble app speaks of my love for @caseymckinnon