1. Listening to Let My Love Open the Door by Pete Townshend

    Sorry my fellow NoHo Starbucks for my impromptu backing vocals to this song. – Preview it on Path.

  2. She asked me to draw Lady Macbeth as a fox. So I did. (at Cheebo)

  3. Going to rock the #c64 look for awhile. (at Carbon Five LA)

  4. He thinks he makes a better centerpiece.

  5. #rubberneckselfie

  6. Every night we have the same argument.

  7. This. Always. #hackers

    (Source: seanbonner)

  8. We have something special planned for a future ep of #timeywimeytv

  9. First (hopefully not last) comic by @yasminemolavi #design #balancedteam (at Carbon Five LA)

  10. All set for #livetalks #xkcd creator Randall Munroe. (at Aero Theatre)